Biking, that was ages ago…

I cleaned up my bike yesterday and filled the tires with air and took it for a short spin down the road from where I live.

Today it was field testing. My plan was just to go down to the store and pick up and send a few packages but when I got home from helping a friend with some stuff I had this crazy idea that I’d go in to town and buy some stuff that I were missing like a lock and a light.

So that small trip that was about one kilometer got more like 35-40km… First I went to the store and after that to the hardware store and bought the other stuff. Was abit nervous about leaving the bike outside unlocked, lots of wierd people walking around there. When I went inside I was just thinking about how hilarious it would be if it got stolen and when I got out I would stand there with the lock in my hand but with no bike 🙂

When I was in town I might even go up to my work and show them my nice iPhone and ask how they wanted to deal with that – insurance or just get it fixed and pay what it’ll cost.

Then I went home again with some detours.


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