Echo Niner Camera Strap

Bought a Echo Niner camera strap a few days ago when I found it on Soldier Systems Twitter feed/Blog. Looks really nice! I have some issues with the standard Nikon strap that comes with the D300 camera as I very often want a quick release function on the strap. And I’d also like a hand strap model.

Echo Niner Camera Strap has both functions! 🙂

And everything for only 32USD including shipping from

  • 1 ¼ inch heavy nylon sling webbing
  • Rubberized grip material
  • DuraFlex ITW Fasteners
  • MilSpec 5-50 Parachute Cord
  • Quick Release Design System w/ Optional Hand Strap Configuration
  • Single Pull One Point Adjusting System
Will give a small review on the strap as soon as I get it.

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