My new iMac 27″

I’ve had an old Power Mac PPC for a while now as and I gave my old MacBook (Intel) to Emelie so we wouldn’t have any PCs at home anymore 🙂 The only bastards that’s still here is my XBOX but that will not go away yet.

Here’s a picture of all the Apple products gathered. Really messy with all the cables and stuff when I was transferring all the data from my old computer to the new one.

And this is after when the PPC has left.

My new Holga 120 N is also in the picture on top of my iPad. Haven’t tried it out yet but I have a pack of film waiting for me at the post office today so I’ll just go down and grab them soon.

Also I’m really happy with my new iMac. I’ve had one before, but the old white ones, 24″ screen but this one is much better!
I’ll install boot campl later today I think so if I want I can play ARMA or similar games, see if I can getting in to playing games on a computer again after all the console stuff I’ve been doing the last years.


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