Review: Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attaché

This is my review of the Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attaché that I bought a while back.
It’s not a full review rather an add on to these two YouTube reviews that I found interesting.

So here it goes..!

Product Features
•Main: 15.5″ (L) x 4″ (W) x 11″ (H)•Frontal (long pocket): 6″(L) x 1.5″(W) x 8″(H)
•2 small pockets: 3.5″(L) x 1.5″(W) x 3.5″(H)
•Wide pocket: 7″(L) x 1.5″(W) x 5″(H)
•Rear Organizer Pocket: 14″(L) x 1.5″(W) x 10″(H)
•Radio Pocket: Fits most radios, sat phones, GPS
•Main Compartment: Fits up to 15.4″ (diagonal screen size) laptop computer
•Water Bottle Pocket: Fits 32 oz / 1L water bottle
•Empty Weight: 3.2 lbs
•Optional accessories: Hook & Loop Modular Accessories
The Maxpedition® Operator™ Tactical Attache (#0605) is a large tactical computer attaché. The main compartment is padded on all sides; has a hook-and-loop divider and sized to fit a 15.4″ (Diagonal Screen Size) laptop, and a legal size pad. This is the perfect office go-bag for the Tactical Officer.
On the front side of the pack, four (4) separate pockets of varied shapes and sizes hold and organize your smaller pieces of gear. The largest pocket has internal and external sleeves for increased capacity, plus an ID window. Between the collage of pockets and the main compartment is a CCW compartment, lined with loop-side Velcro for attachment of our #3501 Universal CCW Holster (sold separately) and our #3502 Three-Clip Holder (sold separately), and large enough to conceal a full size handgun and 3 spare mags.
On the opposite face, a fully padded organizer opens up as a document/tool/instrument pocket with extensive internal divisions. On the ends, there is a radio pocket and a water bottle pocket, both with bungee retention. Velcro loops on top of bag can retain a collapsible baton or a flashlight.
The #0605 Operator™ Tactical Attache can be hand-carried and comes with a padded shoulder strap. Main zipper pull features our button lock safety device, to prevent accidental opening. Available in Black (#0605B), Green (#0605G), or Khaki (#0605K).

First off I’d like to say that Maxpedition makes some high quality gear, every item that I’ve bought with their logo on I’ve been more than satisfied with. Started with a simple RollyPoly and went over to some other small pouches and then I got a Sabercat as my camera bag, hooked!

I’m not a police officer, service member or anything like that and I use this bag at work (sales) so I carry it quite a bit and it gets tossed in to the car a few times a day and my other bags from HP & Targus has broken down in a few months – I think that I’ve used 3 different bags in the last two years due to broken stitching and similar stuff.

When I started looking at a new bag I wanted something sturdy that will last forever and ever and don’t have that “tacticool” kinda look as I work in an office environment and don’t want a bag that draws too much attention. So I started looking at all the tactical messenger bags as Hazard 4 MOD, Emdom TNT Bag, Original SOE Mookie War Bag, Mayflower E&R Bag etc but all of those were too big and didn’t have the organizational pockets inside that I needed…

So finally I went with the Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attaché! At first I was looking at the smaller version of this bag named Last Resort but I was afraid that it wouldn’t carry all the papers that I usually have with me and I also wanted the identification window for my business cards and also have the possibilities to tuck these in.

First of this is a really sturdy bag as all Maxpedition equipment and I can’t really say that I miss any features on this one. What I would like to add for my self is the Triple Mag Holder or the Hook-and-loop Admin Insert. If you’re a person who need to have a concealed carry you should also get the Universal CCW Holster for your gun so you can properly secure it inside the CCW compartment at the front of the bag.

One thing that I don’t like that Maxpedition left out on this bag is that the large pocket on the front only has one zipper instead of the normal double zippers that they usually have on all of their equipment. If you really stuff this pouch and the “magazine pouch” (Velcro) it’s pretty tight to get your hands on that zipper pull. Their thoughts might have been that you want to secure this pouch so someone just can’t come up to you and open this up without you noticing as the other two large compartments have a really nice security feature.

Another nice thing with this bag is that the water-/radio pouches on the sides have bungee cord attached to them, not only to secure the items but so that you also can tuck these in when you’re not using them, HSLD 😉

The shoulder strap is large and comes with a nice padded shoulder strap for extra comfort. This padding was at first pretty stiff but after you’ve used it for a week or so it will be soft and have a nicer fit to your body.

One more thing that I’d like is a heavier zipper on the document compartment. This zipper is smaller than on the large laptop compartment an can be a little hard to close some times when you’re in a hurry…

All in all this is a great bag and I would recommend it to anyone who’s in the market for a new laptop-/messenger bag.

This gallery shows the features I was talking about.


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