LCHF update

Well today it’s been 3 weeks and 2 days since I started my LCHF-campain 😛
Status, -6kg.

And it’s been really nice, good food, lots and lots of cooking going on but it’s fun so it doesn’t matter.

Todays meals so far:

Vanilla Yoghurt with raspberries and bread made out of just eggs and Philadelphia cheese.
Mussaka with eggplant.

Small update to this post…
Dropping in weight isn’t all fun, not at all for you wallet 😉
Need a new riggers belt, new woodland pants, my new never-used-ghillie will also have too large pants, that might not necessary be a bad thing though.

And for work I need new shirts, will have to sell and/or give away almost all of my shirts. Won’t be cheap to buy a wardrobe of Oscar Jacobsen shirts again…


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